Rob Campbell
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Rob Campbell
People Centric Leadership Coaching & Speaking



I’m Rob Campbell, a retired Army Colonel, husband, father, author, ranger, paratrooper and combat veteran. 


Leadership Experience

I have over 27 years experience leading organizations ranging in size from 24 to 5,000 people.  In my career I have overcome organizational challenges and led change.  I’ve succeeded, failed and learned along the way.

As Commander or CEO of a 5,000 person Infantry Brigade, my team and I achieved Army-leading (#1 of 34 Brigades) results in personnel performance, soldier retention, promotion selection rates and other leadership accomplishments. 

My life’s core purpose: “To make a difference in the lives of others through optimistic leadership.”  I do this through consulting, coaching and public speaking.  I believe that by connecting with and leading people in very personal ways organizations will soar. 

“67% of employees in today’s workforce are not engaged at work, meaning they are not psychologically committed to their jobs, happy in the workplace and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations.”  Gallup Poll



  • Determining organizational problem(s) and their root causes

  • Helping leaders know themselves and their people

  • Helping develop authentic, introspective, transparent leaders which employees want to follow

  • Helping organizations assess and develop their people

  • Helping organizations develop or improve vision (culture and values), and priorities

  • Connecting HR professionals and organizational leaders to better serve people

  • Coaching CEOs and organizational leaders toward better operating methods



  • Engaged employees who embrace the organizational vision, mission, culture and values and carry the organization to new heights

  • Decreased employee turnover

  • Improved productivity, efficiency, profit and or customer service

  • Healthier, fulfilled people