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Rob Campbell
People Centric Leadership Coaching & Speaking


Rob Campbell

Making a difference in the lives of others
through optimistic leadership





Optimistic Leadership

I believe in investing in people. When you arrived at my website you ran straight into my life’s core purpose (above!)

I do this by working with leaders who want to grow themselves, their organizations and their leaders.

I’m a staunch veteran and military spouse advocate.


Meet & Greet

Rob Campbell

Father, Husband, Author, Speaker & Founder of Investing in People Consulting and Coaching LLC



How I Work

foundation of leadership

  • Understanding problems and their causes
  • Organizational leadership assessment. Why aren’t people motivated, communicating and performing at their peak? What can be done about it?
  • Leader self-awareness. Step 1 in leadership: knowing yourself as a leader and what this tells you.
  • Organizational Vision, Values and Culture.

leadership training

  • Basic and advanced training for leaders
  • Investing in People Methodology. How you and your team can invest in your people.
  • The Leadership Coaching Journey. Let me guide you through a season of growth.
  • Six People-Centric Ways Leaders Build Strong Teams. The six desires of people in the workplace and how to meet and measure them.
  • How to be Veteran Ready: How to attract them, hire them, and keep them.
  • Counseling, mentoring and developing your people.
  • Managing and Leading Change.


  • Engaged, driven employees
  • Leadership growth
  • Veterans thriving in your business
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Hiring, Onboarding and Retention programs
  • Greater organizational synchronization, communication and decision making


Leadership Lessons


There has never been a more important time —in corporate America and in the American military— for leaders, at all levels, to understand how to invest in people. This book teaches you to do just that.

It’s Personal, Not Personnel: Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and the Boardroom offers true stories and practical frameworks you can apply to the people in your organization and on your team.

Whether from lack of will, experience or training, many leaders pay lip service to investing in people.

Instead, they manage them on spreadsheets and in HR-focused software applications without personal consideration, failing to truly know them, care for them or establish healthy, fulfilling environments in which they can work and serve. Leaders focus on task completion, blind to the true effect it has on a person and his or her family. Those appointed to guide and delegate —in business and in the armed forces— often miss the opportunity to create a people-centric environment where productivity and efficiency will improve. It’s less about making mechanics, IT managers or soldiers better at their trade, and it’s more about making people better people.