What Elevation are You Operating at as a Leader?

Draw 2 horizontal lines on a piece of paper. The top one representes 30,000 feet, the bottom represents 0 elevation or the “weeds of your organization. Where do you operate? Many leaders are stuck in the weeds and fail to travel to higher elevations to lead their organizations appropriately. I’m talking about being mired by the immediate issues, task, emails and the noise of your fast-paced business. Don’t get me wrong here, you belong in the weeds when there are issues which may pose a risk to your business or its people. However, as leaders we must remove ourselves from the fray if we want to be effective. Placing your self at 30,000 feet allows you to look at your organizaiton from a higher level and see systemic problems. It allows you to look deep, a year down the road, 5 years down the road where you want your organization to be. It allows you to leave your organization and network with executives and other community members to grow your business. Gravity works and like our smart phones, we are drawn into the weeds of our organizations. Reverse the pull of gravity. Remove yourself often from the constant demands of the modern workplace. You as its leader are the only one who can and should do this.

Rob Campbell