What is your New Year's Leadership Resolution?

Many of us will begin the New Year with a personal resolution such as weight loss or better physical fitness. We will then take steps to see this resolution through like better diet and exercise. How about a leadership resolution? Seems to me you owe that to yourself and more importantly to your people. Develop one then set a goal for late 2019 as you await the beginning of 2020 to grade yourself on how you did. I have one. My New Year’s Leadership Resolution is to perfect my craft at executive coaching. I want to be able to look back at 2019 and see it as a year of growth for me specific to my coaching skills. There are many to pick from. Perhaps you want to exercise better patience. Or it might be better listening skills or active listening. Maybe you want to thank and recognize people more or lead in a more people-centric way. Whatever you decide the key is to do something with it. Transfer words and visions into action. Have a look at Chapter 5 of my book where you can find what I did specific to Investing in People when I resolved to place people first in my organization. Get help from those around you. For instance if you have a close confidant, someone who knows you well and can criticize you, have them help you achieve your resolution. Best wishes to you for 2019. Make it Personal!

Rob Campbell