Truly Knowing Your People

As a leader it was insufficient for me to know my people by only their name, qualifications, marriage status, etc.  If I were to lead them properly, especially in stressful fast-paced environments I needed a deeper level of knowing.  I wouldn't accomplish this with everyone but I sure tried.  Corinda Lubin-Katz, a creative writer in New York captures my "Knowing" objective best, 

“Knowing someone is a cumulation of shared experiences, of stumbling upon mannerisms and quirks. It lends itself to an organic ability to anticipate their reaction to things — to know when and how their anger will thaw, what sparks their passion and what that passion looks like, what constitutes an expression of their love. It’s recognizing something as monumental that would appear inconsequential to the untrained — or shall I say unknowing — eye.”

Work hard as a leader to engage with your people and discover their "monumental"

Rob Campbell