Introvert? Doesn't make you a bad leader or follower

Introverts get a bad wrap.  There is a lot written about introverts which you should read and study if you are one and or lead one.  Here are a few thoughts.  I knew if I had an introvert on my team and led them appropriately.  I was cautious not to demand an immediate answer.  They needed time to process and think about their response.  I knew their energy was different than mine.  My wife is an introvert, I am an extrovert.  In social settings I gain energy, she loses it.  A day full of social activity can have a negative effect.  Introverts ought to be afforded time to think away from noise, distractions and people.  This alone time can served to refuel them for tasks and events which lie ahead.  This is not a selfish act.  Quite the contrary.  It helps the organizaiton because what you get is a better leader or subordinate following their period of quiet reflection and thinking.  Introverts make great leaders and subordinates.  If ever I form a team, I want a mix of both introverts and exraverts.  Here is the key.  Know who you are and you have then lead appropriately.  Make it Personal!

Rob Campbell