Need to know what your priorities are? Look no further than your calendar

A mentor of mine told me that and it stuck.  Never did I look at my calendar the same again.  When assuming command or being appointed the CEO of a 5,000 person organizaiton, I knew Investing in People was going to be our top organizational priority, never to change.  My calendar needed to reflect that.  Whether you share a calendar or just make your own or even if you do not have a calendar, do some reflection and examine where you have spent most of your time.  Then ask yourself if you have it right.  If what you are doing is not aligned with the guidance you issue to your team or what you believe to be most important then you are off and your organization will suffer.  It is a simple fix if it is out of balance but it will have a positive impact on your people.  Make it Personal!  Watch me!

Rob Campbell