ZZZ... It does a Leader Good

Naps improve mood, alterness and performance.  Need any more than that for justificaion to slip away after lunch and catch some shut eye?  I for one love a good nap.  I only need about 20-30 minutes, a few REM cycles and I'm back in the game.  I confess as a leader I was too overcome with guilt and pride to take a 20-30 min snooze. My soldiers were working hard so what made me deserving of a break? I’d still feel too guilty if I returned to service today but the science behind the benefit of REM sleep is undeniable. I do know I am far more effective after a nap. Perhaps I could have made wiser decisions for my organization had I overcome my pride and balled up with my Army woobie for a few moments. Some leaders and organizations have cracked this simple yet important code and I’m confident that they reap the benefits.  Are you brave enought to overcome the guilt I felt?  It is hard, I know but forming a culture which embraces this short yet imporant period of recharging can make all the difference!  Consider it in your organization.  

Rob Campbell